Pré-Symposium francophone à MEDINFO 2013

Le projet Accordys sera présenté lors du pré-symposium francophone à la conférence MedInfo, le 20 août à Copenhague :

Content and knowledge aggregation to reason about cases of fetal dysmorphology

Jean Charlet, Xavier Aimé, Andreea Bodnari, Jean-Michel Daube, Louise Deléger, Ferdinand Dhombres, Egle Eensoo, Marie Gonzalès, Brigitte Grau, Cyril Grouin, Marie-Christine Jaulent, Thomas Lavergne, Anne-Laure Ligozat, Jérôme Mainka, Aurélie Névéol, Yves Parès, Mathieu Valette, Pierre Zweigenbaum

In the context of prenatal diagnosis of malformation, knowledge of “similar” and resolved cases (i.e. previous cases with a diagnosis validated by fetus autopsy) is essential for diagnosis orientation. Therefore, access to biomedical data accumulated over the years by fetopathology experts specializing in the study of fetal malformations is crucial. This work addresses the imperious need to gather all the data and make it accessible easily for best use of this collective memory. Our research hypothesis is as follows: scanning electronic records will bring added value in terms of knowledge, allowing to build a knowledge-base of the domain. The files will be structured and enriched by indexing using ontological and terminological resources and their links with external knowledge (publications, databases). Such a database will provide access to similar cases.

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